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Save on home energy.

  1. Switch off all your appliances at the wall before going to bed at night. Many electrical items continue to use electricity even while off if connected to an outlet. Do you really need to use the oven or microwave as a clock? A battery powered wall clock uses much less power.
  2. Switch off the oven, hotplates and iron a few minutes before you need to stop using them - they will stay hot for a long time. Heating devices use more power that anything else.
  3. Likewise if you are by the kettle (the ultimate power bomb!) when it reaches the boil switch it off by hand - the automatic cut off will leave it boiling and burning up watts for longer. Instant coffee is better when made with water that is not quite boiling. Only boil the quantity of water you need. Should you be lucky enough to have a range oven that you can boil an old style kettle on - use it.
  4. When using your oven try to fill it! If you really need it on for only one thing pile the bottom up with baking sheets, cake tins etc - this will make it into a much smaller space to heat - it reaches the desired temperature much quicker too.
  5. Consider investing in a solar powered battery charger - you will make long term saving with this.
  6. Tumble drying is very expensive - line drying is free. When outside drying is not possible consider whether you have radiators that could be used if on anyway - however this will increase the humidity in your house and may lead to damp in your attic if it's not well ventilated.
  7. Shopping around for electricity suppliers has proven economical for us. We were with Hydro Electric for years then changed to Scottish Gas as they had a cheaper tarrif. After about a year we were contacted by HE offering us a special deal for returning customers - no standing charge and an even lower tarrif than our current suppliers - staying faithful to them really doesn't pay. uSwitch.com compares gas, electricity, phone and digital TV prices for you as well as credit cards and insurance.
  8. If you have your heating on a timer or thermostatic control try switching it on and off by hand as needed. This uses far less fuel.
  9. You can buy special insulation sheets to put behind radiators to reflect the heat back into them. Cardboard wrapped in aluminium foil does this too.
  10. Don't forget you can insulate yourself too - wearing warm clothes and layers can reduce heating bills - check out Sarah's Fleeces from a lady who started making fleece vests for her family to do just this and the idea has now grown into a business.
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