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Managing Budget - is about creating a detail list of all sources of your income and all your expenses so that the total sum of your income get spread across different expenses and saving in the way you plan. Managing budget involves forecasting expenses for different typical events throughout the year.



There are various ways of managing a standard personal budget. You can even use a sheet of paper and a pencil to set up your personal budget and manage it somehow effectively. There are many spreadsheet templates available on the Internet to make it easier, however most of then can help plan your budget, not to manage it.


Typical personal budget spreadsheet contains number of columns representing months in a year and number of rows representing both incomes and expenses of your personal budget. Spreadsheet can be useful because it automatically allocates or distributes expected income to expected expenses and intended savings and presents final figures clearly.


Spending tracker looks similar to a typical spreadsheet, because that is the easiest and most clear way to get you started. Spending tracker provides a preconfigured set of categories right from the beginning, allows you to add new categories if neccessary and most importantly, it automatically saves your plan online so you can access it anytime.

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