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Managing spendings - is a another step in running your personal budget. It allows you to track your daily spendings and see the actual figures you spend in each category. It allows you to see how much exactly you spend on each category of your budget and make right adjustments in your budget and/or your habits.



Managing your daily spending is another step in gaining control over your finances. Managing spending requires a little bit more sophisticated approach than paper and pencil. Most of the spreadsheets available publicly cover planning side well, but are not ideal solution when it comes to verifying your plans against actual spending. Managing actual spending and comparing them with your plans allows you to confront the ideas of your personal budget with reality.


Managing your spending is all about putting the actual expenditure records into the same spreadsheet as your plans so that you can see how both your plans and your bills compare. When your actual expenditure gets close to your limits the tool allows you to make decisions about cutting down or increasing your allowance. Therefore Spending Tracker is not that much of a magical wand, as much a tool for making informed decisions, forecasting and generally being conscious about your finances.


If you have no idea about precise amounts you spend in each category of your personal budget, SpendingTracker is the right tool for you. It allows you to plan spending in each category of your personal budget in just one click of a mouse and securely upload transactions from most of UK bans. Click on the "Your budget" button to see how easy it is to plan your budget and track your spending.

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