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You probably know how much money you get each month and how quickly it all gets spent. Taking the time to work out your budget really does help to see where your money is going. It’s then easier to see where you can make some savings to help balance the books or to give yourself some spare cash. With Spending Tracker you can just enter your income and outgoings into our budget planner to find out where your money goes each month and where you could make savings.


Spending Tracker - online tool allowing fast and easy budgeting and tracking of personal expenditure. The application has been designed with simplicity in mind allowing you to get your head around your home budget and expenditure within less time than using any other application. There are no usage fees and you don't need to hand over any personal details.


Spending Tracker allows you to see all your expenses listed and broken down by categories. Application helps you manage your finances by analysing your spending. If you're worried about security, don't be: Spending Tracker uses the same encryption system as used by most of the UK online banking systems.

More to the point, Spending Tracker doesn't actually let you move any money out of or between your accounts - it's a budgeting tool, not a banking utility. You don't even have to give your bank details and you can manually upload your downloaded bank statements instead. SpendingTracker accepts both OFX and QIF files.

Spending Tracker will then automatically recognise and categorise each of your transactions. Spend L20 in Topshop and Spending Tracker adds that to your 'clothing' spend. It's a very fast way of breaking down your incomings and outgoings.

Your income and outgoings are displayed as a pie chart. You can also set individual budgets for each category (for example, 100 for groceries) and display alerts to warn you when you reach 90 per cent of your budgeted allowance.


You will find the following benefits of planning your budget with SpendingTracker:

  1. You know how much are you supposed to earn and spend each month, throughout year;
  2. You can see how much do you need to save in order to meet your financial goals;
  3. You can gain confidence all your expenditure categories get covered by the income;

You will find the following benefits of tracking your spending:

  1. You can see where your money goes, we provide all relevant statistics;
  2. You can control planned spending and actual spending in each category;
  3. You can use the tool to roll-over overspendings in each month and category;

See other reasons for manage your home budget with SpendingTracker.


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