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Personal Finances seen as graphs and stats
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SpendingTracker is the simplest way to plan your home budget. Application offers unique concept which presents whole year budgeting on a single screen. Spending Tracker doesn't require any accounting or account management skills. SpendingTracker is free to use, secure and doesn't require any registration. Application doesn't collect any personal information about its users and doesn't hook up to online banking allowing transparent, confident and anonymous use.


Spending Tracker has been founded from private capital:

Maciej Zagozda Paweł Łukasik
Maciej Zagozda
Maciej, London (United Kingdom), drafting application concept and initial architecture. Currently one of many happy users, advising on research and product development.
Paweł Łukasik
Paweł, Wrocław (Poland), leading the technical side of projet development, including architecture, deployment, quality and integration strategy.